Meet Rick and Dave

Welcome to ‘Rave Web’ we’re glad to share with you our passion, excitement and dedication to you, your business and your valuable customers. Join us as we visit various locations around the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area to bring you the best news, information and entertainment platforms available anywhere in North America.
We can’t wait to show you just how much fun you can have at your own event, festival or celebration. Don’t let one of the best marketing opportunities go by without using it to grow your business, help your clients solve issues or just to enjoy and relive the experience of your event.
We really should introduce ourselves and share with you exactly what we do, and how we do it. Our concept was designed specifically to support your community and culture. We create Web Radio and Web TV shows recorded inside of your event. Rave Web Radio loves to capture the excitement and enjoyment of your business and makes it available on YouTube, ITunes, Spreaker online radio and many more media outlets.
Then, we wrap all of the audio and video webcast shows in an ‘Interactive Digital Magazine’ that you can use to market your business for up to one full year. The magazine is completely mobile, convenient to take with you on your mobile devices, and when we combine all of your great content inside the magazine, you can share it all over the world with anyone that has an internet connection.
When you think about it, capturing high definition pictures, videos and audio from vendors at events that can solve your clients ‘pain points’ are highly valuable. When you work with Rave Web Radio, we position you and your vendors as ‘industry experts’ with tips, tricks, suggestions and solutions for their customers.
Let’s introduce you to Devinder Dillon. He is an accomplished professional and vibrant broadcaster with over 24 years of experience to his credit. He knows what works in the radio world, and with just a few simple but powerful changes, has adapted extremely well into the digital age. It’s not just the radio station itself that inspires people to listen, it’s the talent and personality, and Dave has plenty of that.
Dave’s also an actor as well as voice over artist who has been in movies such as: Hero, Sardaar Ji, Jatt and Juliet and a movie called ‘entity’. He’s a versatile actor who has a velvety smooth voice that has a familiar sound to it because of all the work he has done in radio in past years. Dave’s commitment to excellence shines through all of his radio broadcasts. When he interviews guests at events, he invites all of his listeners into a private conversation created just for them. It’s caring, supportive and encourages storytelling at its best. With Dave in the interviewer’s chair, you’ll always get an enthusiastic host who understands how to tell your story and grow your business.
Rick Haaland, the other part of ‘Rave Web Radio’ is a computer technologist who graduated from college with a diploma in ‘electronics, telephony and computer repair’. Rick loves to work with technology to help grow business and gain marketshare. Rick is also a blogger and podcaster, and is the one who creates and designs the ‘Interactive Digital Magazines’ that can showcase you and others vendors at your hosted events.
Both Rick and Dave have professional quality broadcast equipment that stays in our studios, and also have the same quality of equipment for remote broadcasts that can be taken on site to create podcast shows. Rick used to work for companies like IBM, Microsoft, HP, Toshiba and AST. When Dave is busy at the WebRadio booth interviewing people at an event, Rick can usually be found with a shoulder mounted high definition audio/ video recording system that he carries around interviewing vendors, people at the event, and even video and audio based testimonials that we can use inside the magazine.
When we combine Rick and Dave’s passion, expertise and knowledge with the fun of your event, your marketing and advertising message turns into a powerful ‘digital water cooler’ where everyone from around the world can view and listen to how much you value your customers.
Rave Web Radio will be regularly posting Web based radio and TV shows on this website so you can enjoy becoming a part of our community. A community that is here to support you and your business.
So, thanks for listening to us ramble on about ourselves. But, we’re very interested in how we can help you with your business. Feel free to contact us at: and we would be glad to meet with you over a cup of coffee or tea for a free, no obligation assessment of our complete and unique marketing platform that is completely dedicated to helping you ‘Tell Your Story and Grow Your Business’.
Thanks for stopping by. Rick and Dave.

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